Not all audio can be better, but most can. Get rid of scratchy or sharp, muffled or too treble or bass. Shorten too long, lengthen too short. Splice audio files seamlessly. Take out parts that don't work. Add sound that does.

Making your own home CD or MP3 file and need to add reverb or chorus? Let us help.

Mix and Augment

We will send you an email with a form to complete with all the things we can do. It will include:

1. How to Create your Audio

If you are local we can come to you to record (Southern California - we do charge mileage)

If not, record it on your cell phone and upload it on our website, email it, or put it in our Dropbox

2. Tell us how to deliver it back to you

Mailed Memory Stick, email, Dropbox

3. Tell us what you want us to do with it

Clean it up, lower or increase volume, lower or raise pitch, lengthen or shorten (give us your goal in seconds for full length)

4. We will send an email with the edited sample and give you a chance to make corrections

5. You email us back with your approval and we send you your finished audio.