Here is the good news. Using a Buyer's Agent costs the Buyer nothing. Sellers, not buyers, pay the real estate commission. So don't skimp. Find the best, most experienced real estate agent you can.

Even if buying a brand new home from a builder, the agent can help negotiate a better deal. Agents know the concessions a builder is willing to give, like buying points down on a loan or installing flooring at a discount. Different builders give different incentives. Don't leave them on the table.

The Buyer's Agent acts as a mediator between the Buyer and the Seller during the process of purchasing a property. Elevate assists the Buyer in finding suitable homes within their desired budget and preferences. We also guide the buyer throughout the negotiation process, helping them secure the best possible deal. We ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and in a timely manner. We also coordinate with other professionals such as inspectors, escrow companies, title companies, and appraisers to ensure a smooth transaction.

Elevate provides valuable advice and recommendations to the Buyer, making their home-buying experience less stressful and less costly. Fees and unnecessary costs can easily exceed $15,000. Often, if properly negotiated, the Seller will pay for repairs costing thousands of dollars. A good Buyer's Agent will try to get a Seller to pay for termite repairs which can easily cost thousands of dollars. With their expertise and knowledge of the real estate market, the Elevate Buyer's Agent ensures that the buyer's interests are protected and that they make an informed and intelligent decision.

Buyer Services

  • Comparative Market Analysis Report (CMA for potential purchase property)

  • Estimate of Buyer Costs and Down Payment

  • Work with the Buyer to Identify a good Lender with reasonable market rates

  • Assist the Buyer in identifying what they are really looking to buy. Often Buyers don't really know what they want till seeing too many properties. Elevate agents help Buyers save time by eliminating choices that won't work, focusing on homes that will.

  • Elevate agents focus on neighborhood first. Houses can be upgraded or repaired but a neighborhood isn't likely to change much. Is the home in a good school district? Are services, like grocery stores, gas stations, and drug stores nearby?

  • Is a short commute necessary or is close to downtown important? Elevate agents can help with that.

  • How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms? Is a big or small yard best? Is a seperate dining room necessary or is a family room more important?

  • Does the HOA (if any) allow pets and if so how many, what breed and how big?

  • Does the HOA have silly rules that would make life difficult? Is the HOA sound or is a special assessment likely in the near future?

  • Assist with clearing HOA and title issues prior to the close of escrow

  • Negotiate the best deal for the Buyer and ensure that the contract correctly reflects all material deal points

  • Ensure that the escrow closes with terms and conditions consistent with the contract including contingency removal, Buyer loan approval, appraisal, etc.

  • Explain the difference between a contract and a disclosure and assist Buyer with disclosures when allowed

  • Review fees and charges to ensure only ordinary amounts are charged

  • Negotiate and prepare owner carryback contract - Trust Deed - All-Inclusive-Trust-Deed - Second Trust Deed - Lease Purchase Contract (when desirable)

  • Assist with Probate/Trust issues (if applicable) including proper documentation

  • For raw land, a preliminary feasibility study and land use review

  • Profitability and IRR analysis for apartments, duplexes, and other residential investment properties

  • Profitability and IRR analysis for other commercial properties

  • Provide recommendations for escrow, title, home warranty, handyman, and other real estate-related professionals

  • Work with Buyer, Seller's agent, and escrow company to ensure timely close of escrow