Listing Services

  • Comparative Market Analysis Report (CMA)

  • Estimate of Net Sale proceeds

  • Professional photography, Virtual Tour

  • Internet Marketing, more than 25 national websites including, Redfin, Trulia, Zillow

  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

  • Open House Showings on Seller's schedule

  • Listing in MLS scheduled after consultation with Seller (when ready)

  • Discuss Staging Recommendations

  • Analyze and recommend repairs that will increase the sale price while assisting the Seller in deciding which repairs or upgrades are unnecessary

  • Negotiate the best deal for the Seller

  • Ensure that the contract correctly reflects all material deal points

  • Ensure that the escrow closes with terms and conditions consistent with the contract including contingency removal, Buyer loan approval, appraisal, etc.

  • Explain the difference between a contract and a disclosure and assist Seller with disclosures when allowed

  • Review fees and charges to ensure only ordinary amounts are charged

  • Negotiate and prepare owner carryback contract - Trust Deed - All-Inclusive-Trust-Deed - Second Trust Deed - Lease Purchase Contract (when desirable)

  • Discuss the tax consequences of sale proceeds and how to minimize tax impacts

  • Assist with clearing HOA and title issues prior to the close of escrow

  • Assist with Probate/Trust issues (if applicable) including proper documentation

  • Provide a CMA value at the date of demise to decrease tax consequences (basis)

  • Clarify 403a issues with manufactured homes and assist in correcting documentation

  • Explain the difference in value between a 433a and a home without a 433a foundation.

  • Explain the difference between a 433a foundation and a "permanent" foundation

  • Explain the difference between the sale of a manufactured home on fee simple land vs in a rental park

  • Preliminary feasibility study for raw land, review land use

  • Sale strategy for apartments, duplexes, and other residential investment properties

  • Sale strategy for other commercial properties including those with contamination issues

  • Provide recommendations for escrow, title, home warranty, handyman, and other real estate-related professionals

  • Work with Seller, Buyer's agent, and escrow company to ensure timely close of escrow

            SELLERS / LISTINGS

Listing real property for clients is one of our primary jobs. We work with clients to gather all the necessary information about the property, such as its location, size, features, and any additional amenities. We then compile this information into a comprehensive listing that highlights the property's unique selling points and appeals to potential buyers or renters. This may include creating detailed descriptions, taking professional photographs, and producing virtual tours or videos.

By effectively listing the property, we aim to attract the right audience and generate interest in the property. This way, we can help clients showcase their real estate assets and increase their chances of making successful sales or rentals. We provide Comparable Sales information to allow clients to determine a price that will sell consistent with their goals. Will your property sell for a million dollars? Any price is possible if you want to wait for years, but if selling quickly is more important, a price must be set that is middle to low in the market. Generally, the lowest-priced comparable property sells first.

We help you sleep at night. Moving is one of the eight human stressors. We do our best to take away the things that cause loss of sleep. We are experienced and knowledgeable enough to fix most issues before they become problems.

Life's stressors are:

  • Death of a loved one.

  • Divorce - Change of Life Partner.

  • Job change

  • Financial problems

  • Marriage and Wedding

  • Moving (Sale or Purchase of Home)

  • Chronic illness or injury.

  • Emotional problems