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A psychic attachment refers to a phenomenon where a negative entity becomes energetically connected to a living person’s energy field. These attachments can occur for various reasons, such as vulnerability on the part of the individual or certain harmful behaviors that make them susceptible to negative spirit attachment.

Spirit Attachments: These are subtle energies that attach themselves to a person’s aura or energy field. They can vary in power and potential effects. Spirit attachments may include entities, cords, and psychic attacks.

How They Manifest: Psychic attachments often appear as low-vibration entities, resembling shadows that wiggle around or inside a person’s energy field.

Effects: These attachments can influence a person’s well-being on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. If left unaddressed, they may contribute to chronic diseases and imbalances.

Spirit Releasement: The process of clearing spirit attachments from the energy field is known as spirit releasement. Practitioners, including Reiki healers, work to identify and release these negative energies to promote healing and balance.

This topic spans various traditions and beliefs, and there are different approaches to dealing with spirit attachments. Understanding and addressing them can contribute to overall well-being and energetic health.

Not all attachments can be expelled. The person needing help must want the attachment removed. Unfortunately, some people don't know how to live without their attachment!