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Spiritual Medium and Certified Hypnotherapist for Past Life Regression Medical Intuitive and Instructor

Attachment Removal

Mediumship Readings

Past-Life Regressions Through Hypnosis

Intuitive Training

Medical Intuition Reading

Kat Provides the Below Services

After flattening in 2010 and experiencing the afterlife during a massive brain hemorrhage, Kat came back with a strong connection to the other side. She uses these gifts to help others reconnect with their lost loved ones and understand just what happens when you die. Her intuitive abilities are unparalleled enabling her to see concealed medical issues and identify and release spiritual or earthly attachments that may be clinging to a person. As a certified hypnotherapist, Kat can delicately lead a client through an exploration of their past lives, often uncovering the roots of persistent fears or repressions. Through this procedure, she aids individuals in progressing towards a more enlightened path. Kat not only imparts her knowledge through intuitive workshops but also engages in one-on-one sessions to guide clients on their own personal spiritual journeys toward enlightenment.