Seven 60 minute sessions on improving your mediumship gift - $120 per session. After paying for six sessions, the last session is free. If you have already paid for six sessions click on the 7th Free Button.

The following sessions are available. Students can choose which are best for them. Each session is 60 minutes long and costs $120 per session. After purchasing six sessions, the seventh session is free.

  1. 1. Introduction - Discovering Your Current Intuitive Levels

  2. 2. Raising Vibrations - Intentional Meditation

  1. 3. Communication - Styles and Protection

  2. 4. Casting Your Net - Activate Intuitive Beacon

  3. 5. Meet Your Spirit Guide

  4. 6. Symbols and Signs - Interpreting Their Meaning

  5. 7. Continuing Your Progress

On completion of the 7th Session, you will receive a certificate acknowledging Intuitive Training