Kat teaches classes or will do a one-on-one intuitive training for individuals who want to be more in tune with their spirit guides for a more soul-purpose driven life. She also teaches those seeking to be a Medium.

Are you feeling down, angry, or upset every day? Does energy seem to fade away even when you are doing nothing? You may have an attachment, a little something dragging you down. Kat can help get rid of that monkey on your back.

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Kat will take you on a journey to explore past lives through a gentle hypnosis. You will remember everything you experienced from this state and wake up feeling refreshed.

Connect with your loved ones on the other side. Kat reaches out to Spirits who want to communicate with you and brings those messages to you.

Kat will look for medical issues in your body and their approximate location. You can then instruct your physician where to look.