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Past life regression, also known as past life therapy (PLT), is a method that employs hypnosis to recover what practitioners believe are memories of previous lives or incarnations. During a past-life regression session, the subject answers a series of questions while in a hypnotized state, revealing details about their identity and events from past lives. This technique is often pursued either for spiritual exploration or within a psychotherapeutic context. Advocates of past-life regression often adhere to beliefs about reincarnation.

Methodology: The technique involves using hypnosis to guide the subject into a relaxed, trance-like state. Under hypnosis, the subject explores and experiences events, emotions, and memories from previous lifetimes.

In ancient times, the Hindu scholar Patañjali discussed the concept of the soul accumulating impressions from past lives. Jainism also incorporates past-life concepts in its teachings

Cryptomnesia (unconscious memory) and confabulations (constructed recollections) play a significant role in creating these memories.